Acoustic Conversations

Acoustic Conversations with outPost

These guys have been playing as a together as a band for eight months and already have the tone and grist of seasoned pros. We caught up with them early the same evening they were due to pick up the gold master of their first album, Crack the Pavement. They did their best to mask…

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Acoustic Conversations with The Bart Ferguson Band

From the days of Nine Days Wonder to The Strangers to Kerosene Dream to The Bart Ferguson Band, our guests this week have been making music. Over two decades, and a roller coaster of tours and dances with commercial success, the band is evolving once again. Success means something different from what it meant in…

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Acoustic Conversations with Dolorean

In our first episode, we sit down with Al James from Dolorean to talk about the recent release of their first album, “You Can’t Win.” Al plays four tracks off the new album for us.

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