2: Define scope right from the start

A universal understanding of project scope is critical to overcoming confusion in project start-up. This week’s problem comes from a project manager dealing with just that; multiple sponsors and members of leadership competing for input into project scope. Experts Jay Christensen and Scott Lisset walk through the nature of the problem and how you can put a keen eye on resolution by getting back to basics and listening to your project customers. Listen to this week’s Ask Cadence for more on getting your projects started right!

PMI Portland Special: Randall Englund on Project Sponsorship

PMI Portland dinner meeting attendees were treated to this rousing speech by Randall Englund, author of the book “Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success”. Englund is introduced here by Cadence COO Connie Plowman. Englund will be joined by co-author Alfonso Bucero teaching their first seminar with Cadence, Project Sponsorship, in early November. Visit cadencemc.com for more information on that seminar.


1: Get the Right Skills on Project Teams

This week we are thrilled to launch the inaugural episode of Ask Cadence!, tackling your gorilla project management problems, one week at a time.

This week, Scott Lissit and Jay Christensen take on the perennial problem: lack of key skills on the project team. What can you do when your defined tasks don’t match the skills of your team? Listen to this episode for strategies to get your project needs met and keep your project moving!

1: Steve Burt and Tech in the Classroom Part I

This week on Tuesday, Noon, are teachers keeping up with technology in the classroom? With the largest highschool class since the baby boomers entering the higher ed system, do our faculty members have the tools and the skills to keep up with them? Guest Steve Burt from Clarity Innovations and co-host of Ed Tech Coast-to-Coast joins the roundtable this week.