Dr. Stephen Kahn and Dissecting the Sociopath

Dr. Steven Kahn joins us to talk about his life's work with child molesters, sociopaths, and serial criminals. These are the characters that come together in his new book, and we’ll invite them to the round table this week.

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Linda Fischer Lewis, Crime, Cops, and Politics

On today's show, Linda Fischer Lewis joins the roundtable to talk about law enforcement, the role of policing in our communities, the politics of rehabilitation, and being the bearer of bad news. An officer for 19 years, Lewis is recently retired from the force and now works in education, an instructor for University of Phoenix, and consultant to the law enforcement community.

Bob Hamm and the State of Education

On today’s show, Bob Hamm joins us to talk up the state of education. What is No Child Left Behind doing to our kids in the classroom? How do the bad seeds of violence, drugs, and bad teachers influence the common perception of today's classroom teacher? What's a community to do with under-funded schools? All that and more today on Tuesday, Noon.