148: Brian Reich on the Power of Emoji Cause Marketing

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Brian Reich, Director of Project Hive, the UN Refugee Agency’s innovation lab, about a new engagement campaign called Refugee Emojis. 

The goal of Refugee Emojis is to spark discussion among Americans around the daily struggles faced by refugees, while also establishing a fun and common language for people of all countries to connect around the needs of refugees.

On the show, Megan, Brian and Joe discuss:

  • How Brian, a longtime cause consultant and author of two books, got involved with Hive.
  • How Brian created a fast-moving, responsive team to battle American perceptions on refugees.
  • Why Hive isn’t interested in traditional metrics like “awareness.” They are driving engagement and donations to the issue and having a real impact.
  • Hive’s most recent campaigns involved Major League Baseball and the Pope’s visit to the United States. The goal is to bring the refugee issue to people where they are.
  • The goal behind Refugee Emojis: to give people a timely, fun and popular language to discuss refugee issues.
  • How companies are supporting the global refugee crisis and how they might support Refugee Emojis.
  • What Hive will be focusing on in 2016.

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