175: How This Texas DQ Franchisee is Fighting Childhood Hunger

  Bill Spae  CEO, Vasari, LLC

Bill Spae
CEO, Vasari, LLC

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Bill Spae, CEO of Vasari LLC, a Dairy Queen franchisee with 76+ locations in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Vasari is the second largest franchisee in the DQ system!

Vasari leads several cause marketing programs, including a fundraiser for Share Our Strength that raised $335,000 since 2014.

On the show, Megan, Bill and Joe discuss:

  • How Joe met Bill at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago where they were both speaking on behalf of Share Our Strength.
  • How DQ got involved with Share Our Strength. It's not a national program for DQ, but a regional program for Vasari LLC.
  • How DQ kicked off the program in 2014 and Share Our Strength supported their efforts with their deep experience in cause marketing point-of-sale.
  • How much the program has grown since 2014. The goal this year is $200K+.
  • How DQ changed its ask from a dollar amount to a meal amount and raised more money.
  • The power of incentives to solicit donations.
  • Joe shares a painful DQ regret.
  • Does DQ ask for specific donation at the register, or do they let the customer decide? Key takeaway: don't pressure people.
  • What employees think of the program, and how Vasari has grown their engagement with communication, storytelling and swag.
  • Why DQ doesn't ask for donations through the pinpad. Employees do all the asking.
  • How DQ avoids donor fatigue.
  • The business benefit of supporting a cause.

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