187: Evite, Pledgeling Team Up to Turn Birthday Parties Into Fundraisers for Charity

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan, and Joe talk to James Citron, CEO, of Pledgeling and Victor Cho, CEO of Evite about Evite Donations, which has raised over $1M in donations for 20,000 nonprofit organizations across the United States.

Evite Donations is a free tool that turns every Evite event into an opportunity to give back. Hosts can select their favorite nonprofit from the 10,000+ members of the Pledgeling network, or recommend a new nonprofit. Guests donate without leaving Evite.com, and Evite never charges a fee to make donations.

The backend integration for donation processing is powered by Pledgeling, which includes instant tax receipts to donors for their donations.

On the show, Megan, James, Victor, and Joe discuss:

  • How the partnership between Pledgeling and Evite got started and how they developed Evite Donations.
  • Like all good ideas, Evite Donations came from Evite's customers!
  • How Evite and Pledgeling integrated their platforms to createEvite Donations and a seamless donation process.
  • Why Pledgeling decided to not charge a standard fee and instead encourage users to leave them a "tip" for using the service.
  • What the donation program taught Evite about their customers.
  • How Evite users are using the platform for other events.
  • What's next for the Pledgeling/Evite partnership.
  • How companies could use Evite Donations. 
  • How Evite Donations expands a nonprofit's audience beyond its typical donor base.

Links & Notes

  Victor Cho  CEO, Evite

Victor Cho
CEO, Evite

  James Citron  CEO, Pledgeling

James Citron
CEO, Pledgeling

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