207: Aflac's Cause Marketing is Model for Other Companies That Seek Purpose with Profit

  Buffy Swinehart  Senior Manager, Cause Marketing Aflac

Buffy Swinehart
Senior Manager, Cause Marketing

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Buffy Swinehart, Senior Manager, Cause Marketing for Aflac, on the company's Duckprints campaign to fight childhood cancer. One of the components of the campaign included rallying people across America to create or share posts related to childhood cancer using the hashtag #Duckprints on social media. For each social media activity, Aflac pledged to contribute $2, up to $1.5 million. All told, there were more than 900,000 social media engagements across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, making this the first time that the program, which began in 2013, has reached its goal of $1.5 million in contributions.

On the show, Megan, Buffy and Joe discuss:

  • How did Duckprints get started? A fundraiser's cold call on Aflac's foundation led to a $3 million gift, a corporate commitment to fighting childhood cancer and Duckprints!
  • How Duckprints evolved to a social media fundraiser with the hashtag #duckprints.
  • How Aflac is a great model of how traditional corporate giving can evolve to something much greater when companies involve employees and customers.
  • How Aflac raised money through social media, peer-to-peer fundraising and selling duck-related products.
  • The business benefits of the Duckprints campaign. Really aids recruitment of employees, and one of the reasons Buffy joined Aflac.
  • What Buffy would recommend to other companies that are interested in creating and growing a cause marketing program.
  • Aflac's plans for Duckprints in 2017.

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