213: This Company Has a Sweet Solution to the Bitter Problem of Child Slavery in West Africa

Peter Zandee Cause Talk Radio

Peter Zandee

Tony's Chocolonely

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Peter Zandee, U. S. Sales Manager, Tony's Chocolonely, about their efforts to fight child slavery in the chocolate industry in West Africa.

On the show, Megan, Peter and Joe discuss:

  • How Tony's got started by a Dutch journalist who was appalled by the slavery in West Africa.
  • The founders had no experience making chocolate or working in West Africa. But they had a powerful commitment to the cause.
  • The problem of childhood slavery in West Africa and why it's getting worse.
  • How Tony's is trying to address the problem of child slavery by paying cocoa growers a living wage and adding traceability to the supply chain. Tony's want to be a model for the industry.
  • Other companies Tony's is working with to eradicate child slavery.
  • How Tony's communicates its mission with stakeholders.
  • The importance of leading with great tasting chocolate and then the social impact.

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