How Influencers Can Power Cause Marketing Campaigns

Scott Pansky

Alison + Partners

Katie Malark

Senior Director, Research
Alison + Partners

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Scott Pansky, co-founder, and Katie Malark, Senior Director, Research, of Allison + Partners, about a new study on how digital Influencers can drive donations and engagement with causes.

On the show, Megan, Scott, Katie, and Joe discuss:

  • How Scott and Katie define an "influencer."
  • Why Allison + Partners decided to do a study on the connection between influencers and cause marketing.
  • How important influencers can be and driving donations and engagement for causes.
  • Why people who follow influencers are more inclined to support causes.
  • What factors make an influencer credible with consumers when it comes to causes.
  • Examples of how brands leverage brands for causes and some of the challenges.
  • How brands identify the influencers for the right causes. And the pitfalls of paying for influencers, especially for brands.

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