Disney ‘Team of Heroes’ Goes All In To Transform Children’s Hospitals Around The Globe

In March, The Walt Disney Company announced an initiative that will dedicate more than $100 million over a 5-year period in company resources, including cash, products and services, to reinvent the patient and family experience in children’s hospitals across the globe as part of their ‘Team of Heroes’ social impact program.

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan has a conversation with Elissa Margolis, SVP, Enterprise Social Responsibility for The Walt Disney Company about this massive initiative, how and why they decided to focus their resources in this way and some of the cool technologies they’re bringing to Children’s Hospitals that includes interactive murals (some are 40 feet long!), RFID technology that allows patients to choose the characters they experience in their hospital journey and special windows that provide a view into Disney content.

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