31: Red Cross Targets Millennials with "Saving Zombies"

On today's show, Megan and Joe talk to Jarrett Barrios, CEO of the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts, about SavingZombies.com. The site, which spoofs what some think is a prediction in the Mayan calendar that December 2012 will mark the beginning of an apocalypse (which no doubt will include zombies), encourages Massachusetts residents to prepare a Go Bag filled with all the things you would need to live for three days until it's safe to return.

They talk with Jarrett on how this Halloween promotion is aimed at Millenials who prefer new media and are drawn to popular, interesting themes that are as entertaining as they are informative.

Taking another page from the Millenial marketing handbook, the Red Cross launched a contest encouraging viewers to create their own Go Bag video that shows what they are planning for the apocalypse.

This week's show has plenty of Halloween laughs and insights! Tune in now.

Pete Wright