2: Real Food, Real Fast with Spoon & Saucer’s Brandie Kajino

If you’re anything like me, you love food. Good food. Real food. Nothing puffs up my mama pride more than putting a healthy, yummy dinner on the table for my family after a long day (it sort of feels like a reward for me too!). Can you relate?

But holy heck, there are a slew of logistics that come along with getting to that nicely made dinner from the planning to the shopping to the prepping and the actual cooking (not to mention cleaning the whole shebang up afterwards!).

It’s a giant black hole of a time sucks. But it’s one that’s pretty much unavoidable when you’ve got hungry mouths to feed.

In this episode of Lifehacks for Working Moms, I’m joined by Brandie Kajino, food blogger at SpoonandSaucer.com and busy working mom. We dish about our favorite crazy-easy, real food, go-to items in our household.

What I love about Brandie is how realistic she is about all of this. Real food doesn’t have to be a giant hassle.

Hungry bellies will be glad you listened to this episode!

Pete Wright