Breaking Down Barriers with University of La Verne President Devorah Lieberman

Devorah Lieberman President University of La Verne

Devorah Lieberman
University of La Verne

This week on the show Howard Teibel sits down again with University of La Verne President Devorah Lieberman.

President Lieberman begins by sharing the story of a windfall donation that caused the school to think more broadly about giving, celebrating the role the institution serves in the community to help engender enthusiasm and direct financial support beyond alumni.

Then, she introduces a course that she leads herself, co-teaching with a president at another university, in another country, a shared stage blended with international students, designed to give practical experience in breaking down borders in education.

Both of these stories serve as milestones in the journey of change leadership and examples of the pivot in leadership that comes with a shift in perspective.

173: Creating the Intentional Campus Climate with CSU's Katy Rees and Jennifer Williams

One of the realities of complex human organizations is that culture is emergent, that we put teams and departments and structures in place and then we hope. Whatever sort of campus culture that comes out of that cocktail is what we’re stuck with.

Our guests today are here to demonstrate that culture can be crafted, developed, and encouraged when approached with intention. Jennifer Williams serves as director of campus climate, and Katy Rees as associate VP for finance and administrative services at Cal State University San Marcos. Thanks to the deep support of their president, the two have spearheaded an initiative to build a healthy culture and along the way uncovered some fascinating lessons around the role of strategy, demographics, and what it takes to truly engage around core service delivery. 

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169: Climbing the Arc of Change in Independent Schools with NBOA’s Jeff Shields

Friend of the show Jeff Shields is back to talk about building monumental change in independent schools as a preview of the 2017 NBOA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. As President and CEO of NBOA, Jeff’s charter is to lift business officers beyond the baseline expectations of their roles and help them become change agents and true leaders in their schools. This week on the show, Jeff offers insight into one of the key learning opportunities to that end for independent school business officers, the NBOA Annual Meeting platform.

Howard Teibel will once again join the ranks of speakers at the NBOA Annual Meeting where he will present Facilitating Strategic Conversations. The annual meeting takes place February 26-March 1, 2017. 

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168: Finding Inspiration on the Outside — Bringing Innovation to Higher Ed

You never know where good ideas are going to come from. We take it as axiomatic that inspiration comes from synchronicity, and too often we leave it at that, relegating the best ideas to the whimsy of luck. 

This week on the show we’re challenging this commonly held wisdom thanks to our work with key partner, University of Colorado, in developing a process to cultivate synchronicity, to bring the right people together, and drive a change in culture that celebrates the incubation of great ideas. 

The story doesn't end on this week’s show. Howard’s latest piece for NACUBO’s HR Horizons electronic newsletter, “Loosen the Grip on Silo Thinking,” provides even more background on the CU story, and resources you can use right now to change the way you think about how you craft your best ideas.

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167: Fixing the Flaws in the Academic Business Model with Bill Massy

Howard Teibel recently sat down with noted educator and prolific writer Dr. Bill Massy talk about our changing perception of universities as complex human systems. The advanced modeling work that Dr. Massy has over his distinguished career has helped institutions around the world to better understand pedagogical performance improvement and the relationship of that work to administration and leadership through sound operational models. 

The mix of tradition, culture, rules, norms, finance, pedagogy, and how we collaborate across the aisle — all of these elements contribute to the mix of our higher ed learning institutions. Dr. Massey is an award winning author, emeritus professor and former vice president of Stanford University and the perfect guest to help us navigate the web of today’s university.

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