Building Your Culture from the Bottom Up — The Operations Review

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How do you engage your community to make change? For many, the idea of embarking on a change project is akin to an attack on tradition, an affront to the way things are done properly. 

You know what? These people might be right.

But we’ll never know unless we develop the skill that comes with engaging our community to see change as progress and ultimately explore ideas together. 

This week on the show, Howard Teibel leads us through a conversation about building this new muscle. You’ll have a better understanding of what it means to engage your community, what it means to work through problems collaboratively, and how to send the message throughout the enterprise that you truly care about what they believe are the most important issues you face together. 

This week’s show presents a practical approach to the institutional operations review that allows leaders to empower teams to make practical change from the bottom up, and inside out.

Pete Wright