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The Research Speaks: You’re probably burned out, and you’re not alone

When our guest today started her career as an educator, 80% of the teachers at her school were new, the result of tectonic turnover thanks to the tragic effects of systemic burnout on staff. That experience drove her to leave teaching after just a few years and pursue a career studying educator burnout. What became the big lesson along the way?

“The more I researched [burnout], the more I realized it wasn’t just a pattern in education, but that it was a pattern in health care, social work … I began to see that it was a nation-wide thing. … Sixty-six percent, two out of three people that you see on a daily basis, are burned out.”

Dr. Newburgh joins Howard today to share her experience studying burnout and her efforts to help organizations create human-centered cultures that are more resilient to overwhelm and stress. These higher-functioning environments create healthier, more sustainable workplaces that benefit students, staff, and the entire community.

About Dr. Kate Newburgh

Dr. Kate Newburgh is the founder of Deep Practices Consulting, L3C, a social enterprise that designs human-centered systems to foster employee wellness, higher employee retention, positive culture shifts, enhanced collective trust among colleagues, and higher levels of system-wide empowerment. Dr. Newburgh has over a decade of experience in research and systems change. Learn more about Dr. Newburgh at Deep Practices Consulting.

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