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Sean Coleman Brings Reflections on Microsoft Search from Ignite 2018

It’s been a busy season in the technology sector but now that conference travel is slowing down, we’ve caught up with BA Insight CTO Sean Coleman for a recap of his experience at Microsoft Ignite 2018. The big announcement for us this year centered on the company’s realignment around Microsoft Search. Our conversation with Sean…

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Town Planning: Building Your New Digital Workplace

Sam Marshall is the owner of ClearBox Consulting where he’s specialized in intranets and the digital workplace for nearly two decades. He’s here today to talk to us about employee experience in the digital workplace, diagnosing enterprise search, and how to approach the people challenges you might run into along the way.

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Intelligent Search Technology Continues to Make Huge Strides

What are some of the most exciting search technology innovations so far this year to make enterprise search more intelligent and user friendly? BA Insight’s CTO and Chief Customer Officer Sean Coleman and Advisory Board Chair Jeff Fried sit down to talk about the tools and technology that has them eager to develop and deliver, which includes major advancements in AI and ML.

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Elastic V. SOLR — Is there one right choice?

This week on show founder of Boston-based KMW Technology, Kevin Watters, joins BA Insight CTO Sean Coleman for a discussion of the technical and organizational merits of these two powerful platforms — Elastic and SOLR — from their open source roots to integrations with other systems to core features of each.

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Mark Christianson climbs mountains of data at Mars

User experience is a key element in ensuring that users are able to drill into the search results when they need them. Mars’ Mark Christianson walks through the mountains of data at the company and how his teams help users use it.

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