SharePoint 2016 Search with Agnes Molnar and Jeff Fried

  Agnes Molnar  CEO,  Search Explained

Agnes Molnar
CEO, Search Explained

Today on Shared Insights we’re talking about the latest innovations in SharePoint 2016 search. Search Explained CEO Agnes Molnar joins BA Insight CTO Jeff Fried and Pete Wright to help us better understand the changes and opportunities for users, administrators, and search managers alike. 

Jeff and Agnes outline what’s new in SharePoint 2016 with examples for organizations looking to leverage Cloud Hybrid search, increased capacity, and more, and present the case for SharePoint search and the limitations of it in the enterprise.

About Agnes Molnar

Agnes Molnar is CEO of Search Explained, dedicated to helping businesses solve problems via Search-driven intranets, dashboards, and other business critical applications. She’s an author on this very subject, her first book — SharePoint 2016 Search Explained — is available now. You can find Agnes at

Pete Wright