Discovering Hybrid SharePoint with Vlad Catrinescu and Jeff Fried

  Vlad Catrinescu    VNext Solutions

Vlad Catrinescu
VNext Solutions

Today on Shared Insights, we invite Vlad Catrinescu of VNext Solutions to the show to talk to us in more detail about Hybrid Sharepoint. Hybrid SharePoint offers great opportunity for your users, but brings with it increased complexity that can be frustrating during deployment. Vlad and BA Insight CTO Jeff Fried highlight the key features and benefits of Hybrid SharePoint deployment, along with red flags that can get in your way if you’re not careful.

About Vlad Catrinescu

Vlad Catrinescu is president of VNext Solutions. He’s a Microsoft MVP in SharePoint and specializes in deploying the perfect SharePoint Infrastructure, especially in high availability and disaster recovery scenarios and is founder of — one of the most active SharePoint communities you’ll find. This month, Vlad launched Implementing a Hybrid SharePoint 2013/2016 Infrastructure on PluralSight and has offered listeners of Shared Insights 20% off for three months. 

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