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2019-11-02 – Saturday Matinée

Pete showed up for the Godzilla effects and was rewarded in hero shots. Steve preps for Rewind with Nina. We start watching a few shows on tv+ and see the most expensive time travel forest ever documented on media. Is Disney vaulting everything again?

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2019-10-26 – Saturday Matinée

A series of 1-star reviews for things. Pirates is going to Chernobyl? Netflix testing variable playback speeds. Big box set for Little China. Go, NOW, Max for Studio Ghibli.

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2017-08-26 • Saturday Matinée

Happy weekend everyone! If you haven’t seen The Joe Show, apropos of nothing, this might be a good weekend to check it out on Amazon; Steve reports Wind River is solid; Andy has Intolerance on blu-ray, and Pete’s talking about The Defenders; and this week on The List were celebrating Star Trek: The Voyage Home with our selection of favorite animal rescues!

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