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Steve Sarmento

The Gentlemen

Jan 28, 2020

Here’s something you may not have expected to open up 2020: a Guy Ritchie Film about organized crime released in part by Miramax. Maybe around the turn of the Century sure, but we’ve got a fresh take on Guy Ritchie gold that came out in theaters this week with The Gentlemen. Let’s let the lion eat on the decade’s first episode of The Film Board.

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30 Nights of Sex to Save Your Marriage

Jan 27, 2020

We’re talking to one of our own! Tommy Handsome’s feature film has just hit Amazon Prime so the Film Board has gathered to talk about the film, the production, and release!

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2020-01-18 • Saturday Matinée

Jan 20, 2020

Letterboxd strategies. Taika Waititi has been attached to a Star Wars project… whatever that means. Colin Trevorrow’s script has leaked. Plus a list of great Hitchcock homages and trailers moving in the opposite direction.

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The Next Reel Top 25 Films of the Last Ten Years

Dec 30, 2019

We’re doing it. We’ve put together our top 25 films of the last decade. But not just for the show… we’ve put together the top 25 films of the last decade each.

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2019-12-21 • Saturday Matinée

Dec 23, 2019

Be prepared to drop $300 for the full Skywalker Saga 4k. Porsche has a ship in the movie. Wakanda dropped as US free trade partner. Cats reviews are amazing. Plus a list of great movie dog fetches.

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Anna and the Apocalypse

Dec 17, 2019

For the last Trailer Rewind of the decade we wanted to bring you something fun to watch with friends. Or is it? Does a holiday setting make a film a holiday film? Is there such a thing as a zombie holiday film? In a genre that’s on its 3rd wave of popularity is it possible to create a fresh take?

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2019-12-07 • Saturday Matinée

Dec 9, 2019

Star Wars vs Marvel vs DC: Most Money Grossing Movies 1977–2019. An argument has erupted in which some argue there is too much film in Scorsese’s films. Steve catches Viridiana. Andy catches Mr. Rogers. We do some re-ranking and deliver a list of nine solid black and white films!

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2019-11-30 • Saturday Matinée

Dec 2, 2019

Some rants about ‘The Irishman’ and +11 Pacino. Andy and his Frozen conundrum. Steve is upset about Xfinity inviting E.T. to the house to watch some TV. Apple did one too. Netflix does the movies that made us.

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Knives Out

Nov 26, 2019

The Film Board snuck out and saw an advance screening this month, so we’re in spoiler Shangri-la to chat about “Knives Out” before its even officially released so click here to find out about it first with this episode of The Film Board from The Next Reel.

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2019-11-23 • Saturday Matinée

Nov 25, 2019

Get ready for more experience theaters. ‘The Banker’ gets delayed. Here’s that Michael Jackson movie they think you want. OK, trademark.

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