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Tommy Metz III

The Hunt

Mar 17, 2020

What a weird time to be alive, right? It seems appropriate for Blumhouse to release a political powderkeg in the middle of a national state of emergency quarantine that’s been wildly politicized across the spectrum. There’s no better time for us to talk about The Hunt!

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The Corona Virus Special Special Report

Mar 17, 2020

Pete and Tom help no one in their efforts to confront the pandemic.

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The Invisible Man

Mar 3, 2020

Blumhouse has done it again! The prolific production company has already knocked out its second release of the year with this month’s Film Board subject: The Invisible Man.

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The Gentlemen

Jan 28, 2020

Here’s something you may not have expected to open up 2020: a Guy Ritchie Film about organized crime released in part by Miramax. Maybe around the turn of the Century sure, but we’ve got a fresh take on Guy Ritchie gold that came out in theaters this week with The Gentlemen. Let’s let the lion eat on the decade’s first episode of The Film Board.

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30 Nights of Sex to Save Your Marriage

Jan 27, 2020

We’re talking to one of our own! Tommy Handsome’s feature film has just hit Amazon Prime so the Film Board has gathered to talk about the film, the production, and release!

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The Dilly-Dally Podcast Report

Jan 13, 2020

Pete and Tom help a listener approach the long, dark path of apathy, and then cut open their inner podcaster.

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The Toppling Trainwreck Report

Jan 6, 2020

Tommy finds joy hidden in the joy disguised as joy masquerading as trauma while Pete helps a listener with gravity … again.

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The Transcendental Tip Report

Dec 30, 2019

Pete embraces the long-cut while Tommy helps a listener keep the silver cord tight.

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The Staggering Stockade Report

Dec 23, 2019

Tommy channels an otter prison while Pete helps a listener with gravity.

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The Schooner Tycoon Report

Dec 16, 2019

Pete faces an industrialist nightmare while Tommy helps a listener move beyond buoyant butterflies.

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