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WTS Season 4 Logo

WTS: Season 4

Coming sooner than any of us care to admit...

The Episodes of Season Four

Nothin' yet!

WTS Season 3 Logo

WTS: Season 3

Tommy and Pete face down the legends of their darkest anxieties... and yours, too.

In season 3, Pete and Tommy unveil the dark truth about their podcasting endeavor, and answer the question of what goes pee in the night.

The Episodes of Season Three

301: The Legend of the Whispering Goaltender

Mar 18, 2019

Tommy explores what his life might have looked like had he fully exercized his mad skillz while Pete hits the dark web and gets blitzed on slime.


302: The Legend of the Invoice Incursion

Mar 25, 2019

Pete explores options for general home protection while Tommy brings lessons in restaurant etiquette on behalf of those cursed as recipients of grand gestures.


303: The Legend of the Zesty Shebang

Apr 1, 2019

Tommy is really in the mood to frolic with no outlet and Pete brings a listener submission that celebrates flamboyance with a cherry on top.


304: The Legend of the Infraction Trap

Apr 8, 2019

Pete’s stuck in the stocks while Tommy hits the city of Los Angeles straight in the selfie.


305: The Legend of the Shadow Trance

Apr 15, 2019

Tommy avoids swinging clocks while Pete helps a young listener own the night.


306: The Legend of the Mealtime Ticker

Apr 22, 2019

Pete goes deep into the anxiety diorama while Tommy helps a listener find a mealtime tribe.


307: The Legend of the Analytical Crater

Apr 29, 2019

Tommy takes to the couch while Pete helps a listener to stay aloft.


The What’s That Smell? Escape Room Anxiety Bonus!

May 2, 2019

Remember that time Pete did the escape room? Tommy did one, and his was a horror-filled nightmarescape. This is his report.


308: The Legend of the Precision Fixation

May 6, 2019

Pete is stuck in the meta-cognitive gap while Tommy saves a listener from sweet, sweet perfection.


309: The Legend of the Modulated Anticipation

May 13, 2019

Tommy attempts peace with his future overlords while Pete helps a listener see peace in ghosting the e-anxiety.


310: The Legend of the Obfuscated Riposte

May 20, 2019

Pete is here to remind you that if you’re not feeling good about the world, you’re feeling bad about it, while Tommy has plans to strip silence from your future conversations.


311: The Legend of the Claptrap Capitulation

May 27, 2019

Tommy faces the challenge of words falling from his face while Pete stares gently into the fog of the unknown.

WTS Season 2 Logo

WTS: Season 2

Tommy and Pete take on the greatest mysteries of the universe

In season 2, the crew takes on new anxieties and welcomes submissions from voices of the world in this follow-up to their "hit" first season.

The Episodes of Season Two

201: The Case of the 😜 💳 💵

Sep 3, 2018

Tommy looks inside himself and finds his inner 😻 while Pete reminisces about false hope at the bottom of an empty 💰.


202: The Case of the Out-of-Work Virus

Sep 10, 2018

Tommy takes to the trolls while Pete brings a listener challenge and advice for the espionage-minded.


203: The Case of the Cardiac Doodler

Sep 17, 2018

Tommy helps a listener through pesky pen pessimism while Pete builds a strong case for the end of all medical science.


204: The Case of the Derma-Trolley

Sep 24, 2018

Pete’s looking for grime in the dark places while Tommy is in a most perilous race against his own cheeks.


205: The Case of the Jester’s Chops

Oct 1, 2018

Tommy helps a listener navigate pavement in clever new ways while Pete confronts a dark confusion in face of tools for joy.


206: The Case of the Fangspace

Oct 8, 2018

Pete helps a listener (in no way whatsoever) to overcome a personal pestilence while Tommy mourns (in no way whatsoever) the loss of an esteem-maker.


207: The Case of the Manchurian Mathematician

Oct 15, 2018

Tommy helps a listener find the secrets in plain sight while Pete struggles at the blackboard.


208: The Case of the Audited Moniker

Oct 22, 2018

Pete helps a listener with the find peace under the giant thumb of a byzantine system while Tommy struggles to gift the long arm of history with anything more than a list of nouns.


209: The Case of the Elder Contri-BOO-tions!!!

Oct 29, 2018

Tommy digs deep to help a listener distressed with specter-spook while Pete seeks the solution to the generation gap.


210: The Case of the Apocalyptic Valise

Nov 5, 2018

Pete helps a listener tilt into the winds of change while Tommy faces the black depths of his toiletry kit.


211: The Case of Calamity U.

Nov 12, 2018

Tommy helps a listener through a disturbing case of Neesonitis while Pete struggles to hide from academics bearing heavy books.


212: The Case of the Inedible Venetian

Nov 19, 2018

In this final episode of season 2, Pete seeks safety in the arms of the FDA while Tommy struggles for freedom from the mighty grasp of a waterlogged Italian city.

What_s That Smell

What's That Smell?

A sometimes-funny podcast about humans and their anxieties

In our inaugural season, Pete and Tommy explore their anxieties and learn to laugh along the way.

The Episodes of Season One

101: Nasal Waffles & Death See-Saws

Mar 12, 2018

Pete takes on an odiferous demon and Tommy confronts the limits of physics and aerospace engineering.


102: Unwarranted Distress & Administrophobia

Mar 19, 2018

Pete takes an uncomfortable journey inward and Tommy faces the paper monster while on the injured list.


103: Deafening Silence, Buried Deep

Mar 26, 2018

Tommy talks to hush the sound of judgment and Pete prepares for the long rest, prematurely.  Music — Assaf Ayalon Sponsor: Audible — Search for Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking with your free trial credit!


104: Imposter, #2

Apr 2, 2018

Pete battles his urge to hide everything he creates. Ironically, so does Tommy. 


105: Pam and the Fashion Police

Apr 9, 2018

Tommy conjures demons of the deep and Pete goes all-in on hemp.


106: They, Robot

Apr 16, 2018

Pete strives to relate to a brave new world. Tommy worries that in that world, we’re all just meat targets. 


107: Whompf! (There Eat Is)

Apr 23, 2018

Tommy visits the darkness and in the process finds Shyamalan while Pete beats his inner child to the Twinkies.


108: Ruff Procedures

Apr 30, 2018

Pete sees someone else’s life flash before his eyes, and Tommy dodges daggers doggedly. 


109: Paula Ticks as Usual

May 7, 2018

Pete pokes the dragon of our own making while Tommy feels the pangs of embarrassment decades in the making.



110: High Jump, No Landing

May 14, 2018

Pete laments the sad shortage of railings in the world, and Tommy’s just sitting there watching the clock… and waiting…


111: Eat Prey Run

May 21, 2018

At long last, Tommy unleashes the swarm while Pete fights to flaunt his … ummm … outer strength?​​​​​​​


112: Your mother says we’re her favorite: A What’s That Smell Retrospective

May 28, 2018

Pete struggles with neuronal navigation, and delightful mother Metz gives us some fantastic updates on a young Tommy’s childhood pee habits.